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Our Services

Welcome! Our Services are a la carte or a customized package can be designed to suite your needs! Please call us to discuss how your business can benefit from our Services!


Tracking, maintenance, management, and administration. MeanBookkeeping is able to track, produce, balance and report according to you payroll needs.

Accounts Payable

Invoice Entry

Paying Bills

Billing Disputes

Expense Reporting

Your all around Payable needs met.

Month Closing Process

Do you have a month closing process in place? Do you need help creating a month ending process? If you have a system in place that isn't working or you are starting from scratch. Let us create a process to make your year end go smooth.

Accounting Procedures

If you have current accounting procedures in place that need to be reviewed and revamped or you are looking to start with a fresh start, let us work with you closely to create accounting procedures to produce the most productive procedures. 

Catch up and Clean up

Accounting catch up and clean up back to your date of choice. This is helpful if you are currently in an audit or struggled getting through the year end process with your tax accounting.

Business Start Up

Have a great business idea but struggling with getting your ducks in a row? We can help with Federal Tax Identification Numbers, Retail Licenses, Local license requirements, and etc.

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Payroll Liabilities


We are able to pay your payroll taxes, inquire about questions, clean up past issues, and file your quarterly and annual reports.

Accounts Receivable

Generating Invoices

A/R Aging Reporting

Check and Cash Deposits

Reconcile AR reports

Statement Reconciliation

Monthly Financial Reporting


​The following financials statements and reports delivered by the 15th of the month: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Aging Receivables, and Aging Payable.

Delgation of Duties

The Accounting Procedures and delegation of duties go hand in hand and are sure to make your current office staff more productive and efficient. This will also protect your company from fraud and embezzlement by creating the perfect separation of duties.

Accounting Software


Do you need help with your existing accounting software or the migration to a new software platform? We are your partner to implement your new efficient account software!


Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Of course you do! Do you post on them religiously with a cohesive marketing plan? Maybe not. We can help with that! We can also help with blog and website development!

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We are able to assist with benefit packages, deductions, liabilities and balancing the benefit accounts. 

Collection Calls and Emails


How does your Aging Receivables look? We pride ourselves on being professional and consistent to lower your accounts receivables while maintaining the customer relationship. We use calls, emails, and letters as means of collections.

Monthly Reconciliation


Financial accounts,

Banking accounts,

and Credit card accounts.

Chart of Accounts

Design and implementation of a custom chart of accounts or improvement of an existing one to aid with internal budgeting/monitoring and provide reliable insight for investors and management.

Administrative Tasks

Data entry, document management, compliance and controls, reporting, and filings.

Tax Preperation

We know how important it is to have a quick smooth year end process and we use our weekly and monthly tasks to keep you on track of closing as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

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